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When talking about quality and original articles, the mind must go only to Sport Collection.

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The stores are located in
Gjirokaster and Sarande

Add comfort to your everyday life with sport collection! You can buy online or at our physical points. Temperatures are rising again, but Sport Collection prices are dropping.

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Sport Collection, one of the best stores in Albania. It can be ordered online and the order comes to you with a fast taxi service or you can visit our physical stores in Gjirokaster and Sarande. The taxi service is correct and is only available within the country. After you buy the products, the packaging is done in one of the stores and it starts with the taxi service, where I can be late 1-2 days at most. The products are as you see in the photo, if you don't like them, then contact us for the problem.

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If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that give you comfort, but look beautiful at the same time, we suggest you some models and these are only in the Sport Collection.

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